The Station

Fiction Feature in Development

Director:    Sara Ishaq

Writer(s):   Sara Ishaq & Nadia Eliewat

Producer:   Nadia Eliewat

Country:    Yemen / Jordan

Status:       In Development

Awards & Grants

L'Atilier Cinéfondation, Festival de Cannes (2020)

Wouter Barendrecht Award, International Film Festival of Rotterdam (2020)

Palm Hills Award, Cairo Film Festival (2019)

APSA Film Fund, Asia Pacific Screen Awards (2019)

Filmmore Emerging Talent Award, Netherlands Film Festival (2019)

Jordan Film Fund for Development, Royal Film Commission (2019)

Hubert Bals 'Bright Future' Development Fund, Intl Film Festival of Rotterdam (2018)


The Mulberry House

Feature Documentary

Director:      Sara Ishaq

Producer(s):  Diana El-Jeiroudi (ProAction Films)

                  Mostafa Yousef (Seen Films)

Country:      Yemen / Syria / Egypt / UAE

Status:         Released 2013

Length:        64 Mins

Awards & Grants

This Human World Film Festival Jury Prize  2014  |  WINNER

Audience Favourite Award at Berwick Film Festival UK  2014  |  WINNER

Dubai International Film Festival MUHR Award  2014  |  NOMINEE

DOK.FEST Munich Best Doc Award 2014  |  NOMINEE 

AEGEAN DOCS Best Political Doc Award 2014 |  NOMINEE

DocsBarcelona+Medellín International Doc Film Festival 2015 | SPECIAL JURY MENTION

IDFA Bertha Fund 

AFAC Crossroads Fund  |  Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) 

Enjaz Fund  | Dubai International Film Festival

FORD Foundation Fund

StoryDocs Athens 

InterDocs Scotland


Karama Has No Walls

Short Documentary

Director:    Sara Ishaq

Producer:   Sara Ishaq & Hotspot Films

Country:    Yemen / UAE

Status:       Released 2012

Length:      26 Mins


Academy Award for Best Documentary Short  2014  |  NOMINEE

One World Media Award 2013  |  NOMINEE

BAFTA Scotland  |  New Talent Award 2012  |  NOMINEE

EDINDOCS Film Festival  |  Best Short Film Award 2013  |  WINNER 

Al-Jazeera TV Awards  |  Best Short Doc Award 2012  |  WINNER

United Nations Association Film Festival (UNAFF)  |  Best Short Film Award 2012  |  WINNER 

Arab Film Festival, San Francisco (AFF)  |  Outstanding Short Film Award 2012  |  WINNER 

Evolution Mallorca Intl Film Festival 2012  | Honourable Mention for Powerful and Human Storytelling

Glasgow Short Film Festival 2012 Honourable Mention for Excellence in Filmmaking


The Flower Men

Short Documentary

Like Women Do

Essay Documentary

Director:    Yousra Ishaq

Producer:   Sara Ishaq 

Country:    Yemen / Qatar

Status:       Early Development 

Grants:        DFI Development Fund (2019)​ ​

Director:    Sara Ishaq

Producer:   Sara Ishaq 

Country:    Yemen

Status:       Early Post-Production


Short Doc / Online Campaign

Director:   Sara Ishaq

Camera:   Sara Ishaq

Country:    Egypt

Status:      Online 2015

Length:      6 Mins

Yemen Fightclub

Online Campaign

Director:   Sara Ishaq

Camera:   Sara Ishaq

Country:    Yemen

Status:      Online 2016

Length:      2 Mins

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